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Coaching Leadership

Good coaching involves helping people improve their performance to achieve the desired effect. The process builds trust and a collaborative climate between manager and co-workers. This program explains a structured approach to coaching which is effective with a new recruit, or seeking improvement from an experienced player, and is perfect for managers and professionals at all levels who want to become effective at coaching others


After have finished this course you have developed capacity to use a ‘coaching leadership approach’ to encourage learning and increase performance in teams and with individuals.
You will also learn how to provide feedback in a constructive manner that delivers improved performance and supports continuous learning and development

Target group

Leaders and managers who needs to develop their coaching and feedback skills.

Topics covered

Day 1 and 2, Coaching

  • What is coaching?
  • The coaching approach
  • The coaching fundamentals
  • The GROW model and the 5 aspects of coaching
  • Creating opportunities, finding motivation, removing obstacles, providing support, creating results
  • The active listening technique
  • Using the powerful questions

Day 3,  Feedback

  • The importance of feedback in building performance culture
  • Giving feedback
  • The basic structure of feedback
  • Converstation model for feedback
  • Rules of feedback
  • Using coaching techniques in feedback converstations
  • The coach ladder – from pure coaching to corrections