Projekt Practical Project Management, Planning

Would you like to get the essentials to plan and execute a project properly? This training will give you the base you need to be successful in your projects.

This training covers the most common definitions within the project world; What is a project? What is a project model? Which roles, activities and documents shall we use? What does a project organization look like? How can we make sure the project progresses over time? How is a risk analysis and quality assurance done? How do we finalize and evaluate the project in a structured way? How is the result being delivered to the own organization?

Course objectives

You will gain knowledge regarding the different steps of project planning, the importance of working with clear goals and deliverables, why the project owner should always be a specific person and how to stay on the right way as well as what do to get decisions when needed.

Target audience

This training is suitable for those who already work or will work as project managers in the future as well as people being part of a project group without being the project manager.


No previous knowledge is needed.


You will receive a diploma after participation.

AN IPMA-registered course

The training is IPMA-registered and prepares you for Svenskt Projektforums IPMA certification. It is a good choice if you are interested in the opportunity to take the next step and validate your competence as a certificate for yourself and others. Through a certification, you as a project manager, program manager and portfolio manager get a head start on the labor market, an expanded network and a receipt for your competence that is internationally recognized. The certification supports skill development in all industries and in all types of projects.


Does your company have the need of a customized training. We are happy to set up and adjust according to your needs and wishes. Contact us for more information.


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  • The project definition
  • The definition of a project model
  • The projects “musts”
  • The different phases of a project
  • Setting goals
  • Project documentation
  • Limits and constraints
  • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Schedules (PERT diagram and GANTT-schedule)
  • Risk analysis
  • The project organization
  • Handling information
  • Change management
  • Quality assurance of projects
  • Finalizing a project
  • Evaluating a project
  • Deliver the result to the organization