Excel Excel Basic Course

This training course will teach you the basics of Excel and provide you with an array of practical tips on how to use the programme more efficiently in your everyday life. At the end of the two-day course you will have mastered the basic features of Excel, as well as plenty of time-saving tips that will allow you to get started and work more efficiently in the programme. For example, you will be able to create your own smart calculations and present them in a clear and transparent way, both on printouts and on screen. You will also gain a good insight into the new features offered in the latest version of Excel. 

Training objectives  

After completing this training course, you will be able to work efficiently with Excel’s basic features. You will be able to create, format and print calculations. You will also be able to work with links, efficiently sort and filter lists, and present your data in impressive charts. 

Target group  

This training course is aimed at people who want to learn the basics of Excel and to be able to create and edit calculations. 

Required knowledge 

A level of knowledge equivalent to one of Lexicon’s basic Windows courses. 

Next steps  

The Excel Intermediate Course or one of our other advanced Excel courses, for example. 


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Content of the Excel Basic Course  


  • The interface 
  • Navigation 
  • Quick access toolbar 
  • Settings 
  • The cursor and selection methods 
  • Enter and edit cell content 
  • Copy and move 
  • Use auto fill to create series 
  • Flash fill 
  • Managing rows and columns 
  • Save, close and open workbooks 
  • Save in different file formats 
  • Share 
  • The excel help system – explain what you want to do 
  • Touch/mouse mode 


  • Create formulas 
  • Copy and edit formulas 
  • Use autosum 
  • Priority rules 
  • Relative and absolute references 


  • Adjust cells 
  • Format numbers, characters, dates 
  • Format painter 
  • Change column width and row height 
  • Borders and fill 
  • Protection 
  • Table formatting  
  • Themes 

 Page setup  

  • Page setup 
  • Preview 
  • Print area 
  • Managing page breaks 
  • Headers and footers 
  • Margins 
  • Portrait/landscape orientation 
  • Print gridlines 
  • Print rows on top of every page 

3-D calculations  

  • Add and remove worksheets 
  • Rename a worksheet 
  • Move and copy worksheets 
  • Move a worksheet between workbooks 
  • Keep column width and formatting when copying 
  • Formulas that can be linked between worksheets 
  • Create groups of worksheets 


  • A general look at functions 
  • Calculate automatically 


  • Create a chart 
  • Change chart type and chart options 
  • Recommended charts 
  • Quick layouts 
  • Format charts 
  • Chart tools 
  • Change a chart’s source data 
  • Insert new series and remove series 
  • Remove charts 
  • Sparklines 
  • Create a forecast 


  • A general look at tables 
  • Create and manage tables 
  • Keep rows and columns visible as you scroll 
  • Sorting 
  • Multiple levels of sorting 
  • Autofilter 
  • Adapt autofilter 
  • Filter by colour or icon