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Excel continuation

Do you already know the basics of Excel, but want to be able to use the application even more efficiently? On Lexicon’s Excel Intermediate course you will gain more in-depth knowledge about auditing formulas, links, Pivot tables, managing databases, templates, and macros. The exercises included in the course are based on the most common tasks carried out in companies and other organisations.

Training objectives

After this course, you will be able to save even more time when using Excel, thanks to the in-depth knowledge you will gain about Pivot tables, calculations, macros, problem solving, and advanced graphic presentations.

Target group

This course is suitable for Excel users who want to work more effectively and use more features and options.

Required knowledge

The previous knowledge should correspond to Lexicon's basic course in Excel or having worked with the application before.

Content of the Excel Intermediate course

Formulas & auditing

  • Absolute, relative, and mixed references
  • Show all formulas
  • Trace precedent and dependent cells
  • Understand and deal with error messages

More about formatting

  • Custom formats
  • Date formats
  • Calculations using dates and times
  • Conditional formatting
  • Sparklines
  • Insert forecasts
  • Quick analysis
  • Flash fill

Links and consolidation

  • 3D calculations
  • The spreadsheet
  • Create links between workbooks
  • Edit links
  • Consolidate

More about tables

  • Advanced auto filter
  • Sort and filter by colour or icon
  • Delete duplicates
  • Create outlines
  • Subtotals

Introduction to Pivot table

  • A general look at pivot tables
  • Create a pivot table
  • Recommended pivot tables
  • Add and remove fields
  • Show and hide information
  • Pivot table tools
  • Insert and manage slicers
  • Insert and manage timelines
  • Update a pivot table
  • Create pivot charts

More on functions

  • Logical functions
  • Lookup functions
  • Database and date functions
  • Enclosed functions

Templates and forms

  • Create and edit templates
  • Chart templates
  • Comments
  • Managing protection
  • Validation
  • Create forms
  • Connect form controls

Introduction to macros

  • Record sequences as macros
  • Global and local macros
  • Use macros
  • Macro security
  • Link shortcuts and buttons to macros