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Macros are a very practical and efficient method for automating tasks in Excel. Macros can be used to significantly simplify your own work, but also to build more user-friendly spreadsheets in Excel. This training will teach you how to create your own powerful macros without needing any programming skills in advance. The training also targets those who wish to use macros created by others in order to take advantage of their benefits and make their own efficiency adjustments to fit their specific needs.

After this training, you will be able to create and edit macros in a smooth and efficient manner. You will also learn how to link your macros to smart button functions, menus, or keyboard shortcuts to make them even more accessible.

This training is intended for those who work extensively in Excel and want to simplify complex tasks, as well as possess the skills to create more user-friendly workbooks that others can also utilize in their work.

You should have knowledge equivalent to Lexicon's Advanced Excel Course.

Microsoft Excel VBA Programming.


Advanced examples and exercises







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Training Objectives

Target Audience


Next Step

Excel Macros Content


  • what is a macro
  • recording a macro
  • where macros are located
  • running a macro

Visual Basic Editor

  • writing and editing VBA code
  • retrieving and storing cell values
  • opening, saving, and closing files
  • switching between open workbooks
  • copying data variables
  • IF statements, loops
  • working in the Visual Basic Editor
  • exporting macros to other users creating
  • custom functions

Sending email from Excel via Outlook (simplified solution) User-Friendliness

  • linking a macro to a button on a worksheet
  • linking macros to buttons and customizing the menu ribbon area