ITIL® ITIL® 4 Foundation

This ITIL 4 Foundation Training course is designed for professionals who want to adopt ITIL to improve service management. In this course, you will gain the knowledge needed to pass the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam, learn about the end-to-end IT/digital operating model, and use the ITIL 4 model to create, deliver, and continuously improve tech-enabled products and services.


Those interested in controlling IT costs, improving IT service quality, and balancing IT resources. All IT professionals, IT project managers, IT managers, IT project or team members, network operators, business process analysts, IT architects, consultants, systems integrators, help desk managers and staff, planners, managed service providers, outsourcers, application developers, and other IT-related positions.


No specific experience is required to join! But do bring your curiosity and willingness to try new, innovative things.


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In this course you will explore the service value chain and IT service management practices, identify opportunities to develop IT practices using ITIL guidelines, and recognise the importance of IT and business integration. The course includes instructor-guided or self-paced learning options, practice exams, prep questions, and additional resources. 

  • The ITIL 4 end-to-end IT/digital operating model.
  • How to use the ITIL 4 model to create, deliver, and continuously improve tech-enabled products and services.
  • The impact of technology and IT teams in a broader business strategy.
  • Prepare for and pass the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam.
  • Identify opportunities to develop IT practices using ITIL guidelines.
  • Interact with IT teams using ITIL 4 terminology and concepts.
  • Explore the service value chain and IT service management practices.
  • Recognise the importance of IT and business integration.
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching.


Modul 1: Service Management

  • Service Value System (SVS) and Service Value Chain 
  • Organizations 
  • Service Provisioning and Consumption 
  • Customers, Users, Sponsors, and Other Stakeholders 
  • Services, Products, and Service Offerings 
  • Service Relationships  
  • Value, Outcomes, Costs, and Risks 
  • Utility and Warranty 

Modul 2: The Four Dimension

  • Organizations and People 
  • Information and Technology 
  • Partners and Suppliers 
  • Value Streams and Processes 

Modul 3: The Service Value System

  • Opportunity, Demand, and Value  
  • Guiding Principles 
  • Governance 
  • ITIL Practices 
  • Continual Improvement 
  • Organizational Silos 

Modul 4: The Service Value Chain

  • Components of the Service Value System (SVS): Plan, Improve, Engage, Design & Transition, Obtain & Build, Deliver & Support  
  • Inputs of the SVS: Opportunities & Demand  
  • Outcome of the SVS: Value  
  • Addressing the Challenges of Silos

Modul 5: the Seven Guiding Principles

  • Focus on Value 
  • Start Where You Are 
  • Progress Iteratively with Feedback 
  • Collaborate and Promote Visibility 
  • Think and Work Holistically 
  • Keep It Simple and Practical 
  • Optimize and Automate 

Modul 6: ITIL Practices: Practice Overview and General Management Practices

  • Practices and Processes 
  • Continual Improvement 
  • Information Security Management 
  • Supplier Management 
  • Relationship Management 

Modul 7: ITIL Practices: Service Management and Technical Management Practices

  • Service Level Management 
  • Event Management 
  • Service Desk 
  • Service Request Management 
  • Incident Management 
  • Problem Management 
  • Change Enablement 
  • IT Asset Management 
  • Service Configuration Management 
  • Release Management 
  • Deployment Management 

The course is delivered in English or Swedish.

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