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ITIL 4 Foundation Bridge

tart your ITIL 4 certification journey on the right foot! Learning Tree's accredited ITIL 4 Foundation certification instructor-led training course and virtual academy provide you with the knowledge needed to pass the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification exam.

Explore the ITIL 4 end-to-end IT/digital operating model for the creation, delivery, and continual improvement of tech-enabled products and services and how technology and IT teams play a crucial role in wider business strategy. 


  • Prepare for and pass the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam
  • Identify opportunities to develop IT practises using ITIL guidelines
  • Interact with IT teams using ITIL 4 terminology and concepts
  • Explore the service value chain, and IT service management practises
  • Recognise the importance of IT and business integration


Must hold the ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate


  • Key Concepts of Service Management

  • Key Concepts of Value Creation

  • Key Concepts of Service Relationships

  • Seven Guiding Principles

  • Four Dimensions of Service Management

  • Components of the ITIL Service Value System

  • ITIL Practises

  • How Key ITIL Practises Fit within the Service Value Chain