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ITIL® 4 Managing Professional (MP) Transition Training

The Managing Professional transition module is designed to allow ITIL v3 candidates with 17 credits to easily transition across to ITIL 4. Upon successfully passing the exam you will gain the designation of ITIL 4 Managing Professional via one course and one exam. In addition to fully preparing you for this exam, this 5-day ITIL 4 tranisition module will teach you how to create, deliver, and support services and drive stakeholder value.


  • ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition exam included (exam voucher provided)
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit 
  • Prep questions, and additional resources included

Du kommer lära dig att:

  • Understand the key concepts of service management 
  • Understand how the ITIL guiding principles can help an organisation adopt and adapt service management  
  • Understand the four dimensions of service management 
  • Understand the purpose and components of the ITIL service value system 
  • Understand the activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect 
  • Describe the interconnected nature of the service value chain and how this supports value streams


To take the transition module, all candidates must be at ITIL 3 Expert level or have a minimum of 17 v3 credits. It is therefore aimed at candidates who have a strong knowledge of ITIL v3.


  • Create, Deliver, and Support

    • Understand how to plan and build a service value stream to create, deliver, and support services
    • Know how relevant ITIL practises contribute to the creation, delivery and support across the SVS and value streams
    • Know how to create, deliver and support services
    • Know how to coordinate, prioritise and structure work and activities to create deliver and support services, including managing queues and backlogs, and prioritising work
  • Drive Stakeholder Value

    • Understand how customer journeys are designed
    • Understand the concept of the customer journey (2) BL2 1
    • Know how to foster stakeholder relationship
    • Know how to shape demand and define service offerings
    • Know how to onboard and offboard customers and users
    • Know how to act together to ensure continual value co-creation (service consumption / provisioning)
    • Know how to realise and validate service value
  • High Velocity IT

    • Understand concepts regarding the high-velocity nature of the digital enterprise, including the demand it places on IT
    • Understand the digital product lifecycle in terms of the ITIL 'operating model'
    • Know how to create, deliver, and support services

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