Microsoft Power BI: Dashboard

In this one-day Power BI Dashboard Training workshop, you will learn how to navigate and use the Microsoft Power BI dashboard. In the last two hours of the workshop, you will learn how to build your own data reports and dashboards with the support of your instructor.


Attendees in this course should have experience with Power BI at the level of the course Introduction to Microsoft Power BI.


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  • Learn how to connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources in Power BI
  • Simplify data with powerful visualisation tools and build stunning reports
  • Learn how to share dashboards with your team and publish them online
  • Apply your knowledge in demo learning labs
  • Follow a curriculum based on Microsoft Official Courseware
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching


Module 1: Accessing and Preparing Data

  • Accessing data
  • Data preparation

Module 2: Data Modeling and Exploration

  • Explore the Power BI Desktop layout
  • Use joins and visuals
  • Create a formula to perform join of many to many
  • Show result in visual
  • Filter the visual to show top 5 manufactures by revenue
  • Learn grouping
  • Make a tree map and show filtering of other visuals
  • Filter the page by group field
  • Create a date hierarchy visual
  • Edit interactions
  • Add in a slicer
  • Add a date table for calculations
  • Make a quick hierarchy on other fields
  • Add a matrix visual
  • Calculate same period last year formula

Module 3: Data Visualisation

  • Use the conditional format for the matrix visual
  • Change dropdown to slicer buttons
  • Change the revenue by year chart to a combo line and clustered
  • Make a gauge visual
  • Try out themes
  • Format country visual
  • Practice page formatting

Module 4: Publishing

  • Learn how to publish online
  • Create a workspace online and publish to the workspace
  • Pin visuals
  • Ask a question on the dashboard

Module 5: Making an App
In this module, you will apply what you’ve learned to make an app.


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