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Oracle Tuxedo 12c: Application Administration

This Oracle Tuxedo 12c training teaches administrators, architects & developers to administer Oracle Tuxedo applications. Learn the features and configurable capabilities of the product and how they relate to real-world scenarios.

Lär dig

  • Configure Tuxedo application deployments.
  • Execute capacity planning for applications that span multiple machines and domains.
  • Configure Tuxedo applications to support native and remote clients to include Workstation and web services clients.
  • Use advanced monitoring and dynamic performance configuration options.
  • Secure Tuxedo applications and services.
  • Configure Exalogic optimizations for Tuxedo.
  • Create Tuxedo server and client executables from source code.
  • Configure, monitor and troubleshoot various types of Tuxedo applications.


  • Some degree of programming experience
  • TCP/IP knowledge

Kursens mål

  • Describe Tuxedo architecture
  • Configure and deploy Tuxedo applications
  • Configure and deploy Tuxedo workstation clients and web service clients
  • Configure and deploy SALT web services
  • Execute Tuxedo administration tasks using command line tools
  • Secure Tuxedo environments
  • Configure multiple machine domains
  • Configure advanced Tuxedo features
  • Configure XA transactions
  • Configure and deploy Tuxedo queues
  • Configure and deploy Tuxedo events
  • Configure multiple Tuxedo domains using domain gateways
  • Monitor activity and performance of Tuxedo applications
  • Administer Tuxedo using TSAM
  • Configure Exalogic optimizations for Tuxedo
  • Install Tuxedo products