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Azure for .NET developers

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing technology. This course explores various techniques for developing applications and storing data in Azure, and helps you understand when each approach is best. The course is deep and broad, and assumes a good working knowledge of .NET and experience in enterprise development.

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The course is deep and broad, and assumes a good working knowledge of .NET and experience in enterprise development.

  • Understanding key Azure concepts
  • Creating Cloud Services
  • Creating App Services
  • Using SQL Database
  • Working with Azure Storage
  • Working with Azure Service Bus
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Deploying to Azure

Target audience

.NET Developers who wants to get into Microsoft Azure development.


Solid C# experience.

What you will learn

Getting Started with Azure

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Creating a Microsoft Azure account
  • Using the Microsoft Azure Management Portal
  • Installing Microsoft Azure tools in Visual Studio

Creating Azure Cloud Services

  • Overview of cloud services
  • Creating web roles and worker roles
  • Communicating between web roles and worker roles
  • Using caching effectively

Creating Azure App Services

  • Creating ASP.NET MVC web applications
  • Creating Web API RESTful services
  • Azure considerations

Using SQL Database

  • SQL Database architecture
  • Features and limitations
  • Data access techniques
  • Creating and connecting to SQL Database
  • Developing Microsoft Azure services that use SQL Database

Getting Started with Azure Storage

  • Storage service architecture
  • Azure storage accounts
  • Understanding connection strings
  • Using the Azure Storage Emulator
  • Overview of blobs, queues, and tables

Going Further with Azure Storage

  • Blob containers, block blobs, and page blobs
  • Blob directories
  • Creating a table for table storage
  • Defining entity types
  • Using the table APIs
  • Querying entities
  • Creating a queue for queue storage
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Using asynchronous APIs
  • Using REST APIs

Azure Service Bus

  • Overview of Service Bus
  • Creating and using Service Bus queues
  • Creating and using Service Bus topics

Authentication and Authorization

  • Essential concepts
  • Using Azure Active Directory
  • Shared Access Signature authentication

Deploying Services

  • Using Web Deploy in Visual Studio
  • Web deployment packages
  • Command-line tools for Web Deploy
  • Deploying to Azure