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Java Best Practises and Design Patterns

Attend this Java Best Practises and Design Patterns training course and learn to solve real-world software development problems, and deliver responsive applications that are fast and reliable.


Learn how to leverage Java best practises, avoid pitfalls and perform industry-standard software development techniques. Learn design patterns in Java to implement proven solutions to reoccurring problems, and apply idioms and patterns to improve your Java code.


  • Employ best practises to build reliable and scalable Java applications
  • Effectively apply test-driven development to enhance program maintainability
  • Solve architectural problems with proven design patterns
  • Employ advanced Java APIs for multi-threaded programming


Knowledge at the level of:
Course 471, Java Programming Introduction

Three to six months of Java programming experience

You should be able to:

  • Understand Java classes, the inheritance model, polymorphism, and encapsulation
  • Use fundamental standard edition Java APIs
  • Apply object-oriented analysis and design, including defining classes and creating objects


  • Effective Programming in Java

  • Applying Test-Driven Development

  • Leveraging Design Patterns

  • Extending Applications with Java Meta Programming

  • Tuning for Maximum Performance

  • Architecting for Separation of Concerns