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DevOps Leader® (DOL)

A DevOps Leader is a tactical or strategic individual who helps design, influence, implement or motivate the cultural transformation proven to be a critical success factor in DevOps adoption. This individual understands the human dynamics of cultural change and is equipped with practises, methods and tools to engage people across the DevOps spectrum, including understanding performance and culture, focusing on what matters, bringing forth ideas for organising workflows, defining meaningful metrics, value stream mapping, and putting it all together. This unique course provides the insights, techniques and innovative approaches needed by modern IT leaders involved in a DevOps cultural transformation within their organisation.

  • Participate in unique activities designed to apply training
  • Take sample documents, templates, tools and techniques with you post-training
  • Access to DevOps Institute additional sources of information and communities
  • Exam is included to test for certification

Du kommer lära dig att:

  • Measure differences and understand differences between DevOps IT and Traditional IT
  • Identify ideas for organising workflows
  • Understand the Spotify Squad model
  • Optimise organisational change

DevOps and Time

    • What Is DevOps?
    • Why Do DevOps?
    • Companies Doing DevOps
    • The Magic Equation

Key Differences Between DevOps IT and Traditional IT

    • What Sets DevOps IT apart from Traditional IT
    • How DevOps IT is Organised Differently
    • How to Perform to a Different Standard
    • How to Use Different Measurement

Becoming a DevOps Organisation

    • Transformational Leadership
    • Redesigning An Organisation for DevOps
    • Design Principles (Focus, Work, Information, Metrics)

Value Stream Mapping

    • What is Value Stream Mapping?
    • Why Do We Need to Use this Framework?
    • Types of Maps
    • How to Create a Value Stream Map?
    • Types of Data to Collect
    • How to Handle Exceptions

Squad Organisational Model

    • Conway's Law
    • The Problem with Silos
    • Spotify’s Squad Organisation Model (Structure, Roles)
    • Squads
    • Tribes
    • Chapters
    • Guilds
    • How to Reorganize in Order to Move to this Model

Managing Cultural Change

    • What is Culture and How Does it Impact Performance?
    • Types of IT Culture
    • Cultural Traits of a DevOps Organisation
    • How to Manage Change

Culture and its Impact on Performance

    • Types of IT Culture
    • What is a DevOps Culture
    • How To Manage Change
    • The Three Phases Of Change
    • Types of Changes That Need to be Implemented

Popular DevOps Tools and Practises

    • DevOps Tools Periodic Table
    • Top DevOps Tool Categories
    • Common and Popular Practises

Exam/Certification Information

  • 40 multiple choice questions, closed book
  • 90 mins, additional 15 minutes granted to non-native English speakers
  • 65% pass
  • To maintain the value and integrity of the certification, all candidates are required to attend approved DOI classes through one of the DOI REPs (Registered Education Providers) to be eligible to sit the exam.

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