DevOps DevOps Engineering Foundation® (DOEF)

DevOps is a complex maze that has many leaders frustrated. Many enterprises struggle with their DevOps journey or even knowing where to start. Each organisation's layers of people, processes, and technologies are instrumental to engineering a successful DevOps solution. DevOps is not something you go get a quote for and simply buy. It's an evolving journey.


This DevOps Engineering Foundation® (DOEF) Certification training explains the many aspects of DevOps engineering that leaders and practitioners can execute upon. While DevOps Foundation provides an overview of DevOps, this course will look closely at the implementation process from an engineering perspective.
It is an in-depth view of the significant aspects of engineering DevOps. An engineering approach is critical to DevOps journeys. This course provides the foundations of knowledge, principles, and practices from a technical perspective needed to engineer a successful DevOps solution.


The target audiences for the DevOps Engineering Foundation course are individuals involved in engineering and technical practices such as:

Anyone responsible for:


Some familiarity with DevOps processes and Agile is recommended.


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  • Engineer DevOps solutions. 
  • Understand DevOps technologies. 
  • Work with application architectures. 
  • Employ continuous testing and continuous integration of best practices. 
  • Utilise ephemeral elastic infrastructures. 
  • Implement continuous delivery and deployment. 
  • DevOps Practice owners and process designers.
  • Developers, QA (Quality Assurance) Engineers, and Managers interested in understanding how DevOps works.
  • Employees and Managers responsible for engineering or improving processes.
  • Consultants guiding their clients through process improvement and DevOps initiatives.
  • Managing process-related requirements.
  • Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of processes.
  • Maximising the value of processes.


Module 1: DevOps Engineering Introduction

  • DevOps Foundations
  • Principles and Practices
  • Related Frameworks
  • Performance and Benefits

Module 2: DevOps Technology

  • Source and Artifacts Control
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Tools and Toolchains
  • Application Release Automation
  • Value Stream Management

Module 3: Applications Architectures and Continuous Integration

  • Application Architectures
  • Containers
  • Continuous integration

Module 4: Continuous Testing

  • CT Tenets
  • Test creation & TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Test acceleration
  • Test results
  • Test management
  • Test environment management

Module 5: Ephemeral Elastic Infrastructures

  • Virtual and Cloud
  • Configuration management
  • Infra-as-code
  • Containers Orchestration
  • GitOps

Module 6: Continuous Delivery and Deployment

  • Continuous Delivery and Deployment
  • Release Automation
  • Deployment Strategies

Module 7: Metrics, Monitoring, Observability, Governance

  • DevOps Metrics
  • Monitoring
  • Observability
  • Governance

Module 8: DevOps Engineering Humans

  • Culture
  • Team Topologies
  • Continuous Learning
  • Future DevOps Trends


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