DevOps SecDevOps Practitioner® (SDOP)

This SecDevOps Practitioner® (SDOP) Certification Training follows the SecDevOps foundational practice in Course 3695, SecDevOps Foundation® (SDOF) Certification Training.


While the foundation course provides a basic understanding and outlines the roadmap for implementation, this practitioner-level class adds a range of techniques for a more comprehensive understanding of SecDevOps. This includes achieving optimum outcomes by designing the right pipeline architecture, creating an effective team, and establishing best-practice processes.
In this SDOP Certification training, you will learn how to:


SecDevOps Foundational certification (SDOF) is expected, or DevOps Foundational certification or DevSecOps Foundational certification.
Prospective attendees can confirm their prerequisite knowledge by taking the pre-course skills assessment (which takes approximately 15 minutes).


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  • Prepare for the DevOps Institute SecDevOps Practitioner Certification (SDOP) with the world’s first accredited SecDevOps Practitioner course.
  • Establish SecDevOps maturity guidance for people processes and technology.
  • Implement and optimise typical pipeline tools to improve CI/CD/CC results.
  • Gather effective metrics to streamline, verify, and tune pipeline operations.
  • Follow architectural best practices, including immutable infrastructure and high observability.
  • Leverage experimentation to achieve highly effective automated security protection.
  • Improve team performance following the leadership-at-all-levels approach.
  • Case studies, group collaborations, and practical hands-on exercises using specific pipeline tools are included.
  • Receive official certification from the DevOps Institute (DOI).
  • Continue learning and face new challenges with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching.


Module 1: Determining Organisational SecDevOps Maturity

  • Know where you are so you can start from where you are 
  • What level are your people, processes, and pipelines 

Module 2: Applying Automation Metrics

  • Improve feedback to understand what is most important
  • Metric isolation and accuracy for incremental experimentation

Module 3: Designing, Architecting, and Planning for SecDevOps

  • Planning and architectural structure best practices
  • What does security first actually mean?

Module 4: Creating Practical SecDevOps Infrastructure

  • Lessons from Site Reliability Engineering
  • Examining immutability for deployment
  • High observability strategies for availability and security

Module 5: Other Security Considerations beyond the Pipeline

  • Before and after development (acquisition and disposal)

Module 6: Next Steps

  • Ongoing best practices and analysis of outcomes


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