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Design Sprint

I den här tre-dagars djupa agila utbildning Design Sprint Course ger dig allt du behöver för att kunna börja med Design Sprint i din organisation.

Have you ever wondered how you can use this concept not only in product development, but in other places in the enterprise, such as in Agile Marketing or for the epics in your Lean Portfolio? Then join us during these 3 days online in the CET timezone and get a complete crash course in utilizing and facilitating Design Sprints.

In this Online Design Sprint course, you will learn how to run, work in and facilitate the five days of a design sprint to develop customer-validated solutions. If you haven’t used Design Sprints before, this becomes a crash course in how to use them in your organization to solve big problems in just one week by putting together cross-functional Design Sprint groups and create crucial product and marketing innovations and get them validated through testing with real customers.

Design Sprints, or Innovation Sprints as they sometimes are called, is a leading methodology in reducing time to market for new Customer Experience and product development. They are also a key tool to increase the level of innovation in an organization, as well as to speed up the pace of innovation. From identifying a problem on Monday, you deliver new and validated customer value by Friday. Design Sprints are an excellent format for the Agile Release Trains to perform their continuous exploration during the Innovation Iteration. Especially since the method is based upon and thrives in a multi-role setting with built-in ways to handle stakeholder integration within the format.

The expert trainers leading the course will go through different facilitation techniques for each step in the Design Sprint flow, reaching from the start of the double diamond all the way to the end where you will have a validated prototype or even a working solution in the hands of your customers.

  1. Unpack and map the problem
  2. Develop ideas
  3. Choose a solution
  4. Build the prototype
  5. Test and validate

Execute a whole Design Sprint 100% online! The online course will help you choose the right techniques for in-room workshops as well as for running design sprints online. With these, you can turn the remote working conditions into an advantage and deliver higher and more competitive customer value now when all teams have become distributed by necessity.

During the course, we will use a real-world case as an example to help us understand the design sprint flow, and if you sign up three or more participants you are welcome to bring your own case to use during the course.


  • Product Owners and Product Managers
  • Product marketing managers, project managers
  • Product Management, Business Owners, Business Analysts
  • Product Leaders, architects, subject matter experts, and business line managers
  • Agile Coaches, SAFe Program Consultants, and Scrum Masters
  • CX coaches/experts and Design Leads



  • Three days of high quality training from experienced We Are Movement Trainers
  • Membership in the We Are Movement Slack Community
    Digital attendee workbook
  • High quality digital course platforms
    Course completion certificate
  • Experience the flow of the Design Sprint from day 1 to 5
  • Learn facilitation techniques for each step
  • How to work with Design Sprints in SAFe
  • The Design Thinking Mindset
  • Run an offline or online Design Sprint
  • The power of cross functional Design Sprint teams

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