Systemutveckling Introduction to Python

Interested in learning how to write code and develop apps in Python? In this Introduction to Python course, you will learn how to use Python’s features, standard library modules, and third-party software packages.


• Learn how to rapidly develop feature-rich applications using Python's built-in statements, functions, and collection types
• Structure code with classes, modules, and packages that leverage object-oriented features
• Create multiple data accessors to manage various data storage formats
• Access additional features with library modules and packages
• Test your knowledge with the included end-of-course exam
• Leverage continued support with after-course one-on-one instructor coaching and computing sandbox


• Experience with another procedural or object-oriented programming language, such as C, C++, Java, VB .NET, or SQL
• Familiarity with concepts, such as variables, loops, and branches with some experience using a text editor to edit programme code


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Module 1: Python Overview

In this module, you learn about:

  • Enter statements into the Python Console
  • Identify and access documentation

Module 2: Working with Numbers and Strings

In this module, you learn about:

  • Define an object and a type
  • Assign objects to variables
  • Employ arithmetic operators
  • Use string operations and methods
  • Index and slice strings
  • Make decisions using the if statement

Module 3: Collections

In this module, you learn about:

  • Learn about lists, tuples, dictionaries and sets
  • Create and modify list operators and methods
  • Index and slice lists and tuples
  • Create and process dictionaries using functions and methods
  • Perform set arithmetic
  • Test for membership in a collection
  • Iterate using for and while loops
  • Apply list comprehensions

Module 4: Functions

In this module, you learn about: 

  • Create functions
  • Call functions using positional and keyword argument passing
  • Handle unlimited numbers of keyword or positional arguments
  • Return values from functions
  • Know the 4 levels of scope
  • Create and call lambda functions

Module 5: Object-Oriented Programming

In this module, you learn about:

  • Define classes
  • Add attributes using the constructor method
  • Add additional methods to objects
  • Access class attributes
  • Leverage inheritance

Module 6: Modules

In this module, you learn about:

  • Import additional modules
  • Access attributes from another namespace
  • Inspect the current namespace
  • Test the __name__ attributes
  • Access modules from the standard library
  • Navigate package contents

Module 7: Managing Exceptions and Files

In this module, you learn about:

  • Handle exceptions raised by Python
  • Raise exceptions
  • Open, close, read and write to files
  • Iterate through a file
  • Leverage the context manager to open and close files
  • Define the 3 standard streams

Module 8: Accessing Relational Databases with Python

In this module, you learn about:

  • Describe a relational database
  • Describe the steps to access a database from a Python program
  • Create a database connection
  • Interact with the database through a cursor
  • Execute SQL statements using a cursor


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