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Expanded with new content and updated for C# 12 and .NET 8, this three day course takes you on an intensive deep dive into the advanced concepts and tools of C# in .NET.


Crafted with over 20 years of experience, this course is packed with presentations, live demonstrations and hands-on exercises that equip you with the best practices and tools for making your life easier as a developer, while helping you to create exceptional modern applications. With a range of materials, demonstrations and exercises with access to a seasoned instructor’s expertise, the course aims to take you on a deep dive that takes your understanding to new heights. Beyond the technical skills (see below), you will learn new strategies to keep your code clean, maintainable and reliable. You will be better equipped to tackle complex coding challenges with more agility and tools, enabling you to build state-of-the-art applications. 


This course is for developers that want to master the advanced features of C#, enabling them to write applications that deliver more value, performance and scalability using the latest tools and techniques that are being utilized today. The course covers the latest features and inner workings of C# 12 and .NET 8, but is also applicable to developers using older versions of C#.


This course assumes you have worked as a C# developers for at least a year, and that you have the skills covered in our C# Fundamentals course. You should be comfortable using Visual Studio, Lambda expressions, and LINQ.


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  • The .NET ecosystem
    .NET Framework vs. .NET Core vs. .NET
    Top-level statements
    .NET Standard

  • Source Generators
    Source generators
  • Visual Studio
    Editor config
    Dev tunnels
    Hot reload
    HTTP files

  • From Delegates to Lambda
    Anonymous methods
    Lambda expressions
    Func<T> and Action<T>

  • Value Tuples
    Classic generic tuples
    Anonymous types
    Value Tuples
  • Pattern matching
    Pattern matching with the if and switch statement.
    Null checks

  • Switch Expressions

  • Non-nullable reference types
    Nullable value types
    Non-nullable reference types
    The null-forgiving operator
    Null-coalescing assignment operator
    Nullable attributes

  • Value objects
    Primitive obsession
    Implementing value object
    Comparing and sorting
    Overriding ToString()
    Always valid and Immutability
    Immutable operations

  • Records
    Positional records
    Records vs manually created value objects
    Nondestructive mutation
    Extending records
    Struct and class records

  • Async
    Waiting for tasks
    Cancellation tokens

  • C# 12
    Primary constructors
    Collection expressions

  • Advanced lambda expressions
    Refactoring using lambda expressions
    Common problems with closures
    Recent lambda expressions improvements
    Local functions

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic types
    Dynamic binding

  • Reflection
    Working with types
    Querying and inspecting our applications
    Creating instances of types
    Pros and cons of using reflection

  • and much more!

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