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This is hybrid course that combines parts from both C# Introduction and C# – Beyond the Fundamentals. Targeted at software developers, this course covers foundational to advanced C# concepts, providing a solid base and enriched understanding of the language.


The course features a hybrid design, starting with a self-paced pre-course study module. This format allows students to learn basic concepts independently, reserving classroom time for more advanced topics.
Updated to include C# version 12, .NET 8, and Visual Studio 2022, the course comprises practical exercises and presentations, along with comprehensive pre-study materials. This combination of preparatory learning and classroom instruction offers a focused approach to advanced C# topics.


Software developers eager to begin their journey in C# programming on the .NET platform.


Software developers eager to begin their journey in C# programming on the .NET platform.


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The course features a balanced mix of presentations, demonstrations, and practical hands-on exercises that empower attendees to grasp the theoretical concepts and practically apply them.

Part 1

  • Pre-course Recap: A quick revision of the pre-course material.
  • The .NET echo system
  • Visual Studio
  • Classes
  • Fields and properties
  • Namespaces
  • Error handling and exceptions

Part 2

  • Creating objects and the constructor
  • Static
  • Generic Collections
  • Composition
  • Inheritance – part 1
  • Inheritance – part 2
  • Interface

Part 3

  • LINQ – Part 1
  • Anonymous types
  • IEnumerable
  • Extension methods
  • Lambda and delegates
  • Func and Action
  • LINQ – Part 2


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