Courses in English

  • Feedback

    What is good and valuable feedback and how can we improve our feedback skills?

    Ord.pris 147 kr

  • Leadership Through Coaching

    How easy is it for you to make difficult decisions, to delegate tasks and responsibility or to express negative feedback?

    Ord.pris 147 kr

  • Influencing Skills

    Key aspects of influencing that will help you achieve your objectives and be more effective in your leadership.

    Ord.pris 147 kr

  • Communicating Effectively

    Communication skills will help improve the performance, teamwork and decision making in the workplace.

    Ord.pris 147 kr

  • Being Business Minded

    Key ways to become more commercially aware and help the business achieve its objectives.

    Ord.pris 147 kr

  • Future Thinking

    An introduction to an important task, but also an important quality: the ability to keep track of the outside world.

    Ord.pris 147 kr

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