Excel Master Excel

If you like many others are compelled to adapt to what is known as “the new normal” and to work remotely-then you know how important it is to actually master the tools at hands.

In this course you will be able to create and manage calculations, format calculations, work with links, efficiently sort and filter lists and analyze and present your data with nice diagrams and pivot tables.

You can participate from home, from the office or actually anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Each session will be recorded, so if needed you can repeat the training at your own pace.

Between each session, you will get access to support and some exercises that you can use during your everyday work - Learning by Working!


Session 1 - Basics and tips in Excel

Session 2 - Calculations and smart functions

Session 3 - Visualize with charts

Session 4 - Handle large amounts of data

Session 5 - Analysis and report with pivot tables


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