Öppna kurser

Presentation skills

Learn to communicate with power and confidence and feel the faith in your ability to inspire the audience

Training and purpose

The participants will during a very intense and experiencebased learn to present in a engaged and professional way. We mix theory with practical exercises and the participants will perform several presentations and get feedback from the other participants and our consultant. 
They will learn to communicate with power and confidence and feel faith in their ability to inspire their audience. We focus on their personal expression and strengths and develop insights regarding body language, vocal expression and choice of words. 
We give an overview and practical method for the preparation of a speech or presentation. How you can make sure that your purpose truly can be served and be delivered to various target groups.
We also address the issue of stress and nervousness and give the participants a couple of methods of how to handle this.  


The participants are asked to prepare a presentation that they will be working with during the trainingday. The first presentation they give will be filmed to enhance the own experience of the performance and presentation. The participants will get personal feedback after all presentations. 


Practical training 

  • The participants will give at least nine presentations
  • The participants will get personal feedback and improvement suggestions


  • What do I want to achieve – what are my objectives with my presentation? 
  • How do I want to affect the audience and targetgroup?


  • How can I structure my presentation? 
  • Disposal of time and content


  • How do I use ethos, pathos and logos 
  • Rhetorical tips to be persuading 
  • Rhetorical figures and how they enhance your language


  • How can I handle stagefreight 
  • How can I create enthusiasm and motivation? 
  • The importance of pauses, tempochanges and intonation? 
  • How important is my bodylanguage? 
  • What mental, physical and practical preparations can I do?


  • How do I avoid ”death by PowerPoint” 
  • Dynamic presentations through text and pictures 
  • Variation of message carrier is key

Audience participation 

  • How can I involve the audience in my presentation? 
  • How can I get a read and report on their engagement, attitude and feeling? 
  • How to handle difficult situations and questions