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Cross Culture Communication CQ - Working in international teams and building an international culture

If you are working internationally and you realise that things are not quite the same as at home but are not quite sure how to handle them, then this interactive course is for you.

Research shows that multicultural teams can be more successful than monocultural teams but the leadership is key. How to lead internationally using diversity as an opportunity rather than an obstacle?
The course is designed to explore the issues of team building and includes interactive exercises, case studies, discussions and video.

Course aims

  • Recognise how cultural awareness will impact on the process of building effective international relationships
  • Identify specific areas of cultural diversity linked to communication style, business values and working practices
  • Agree on how best to work in multicultural teams,  communicate across cultures and manage the distance factor
  • Achieving goals while managing differences
  • Identify and develop the personal qualities required  for working effectively across cultures

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for individuals managing international teams or projects, both experienced and for those who are relatively new to an international role. The course will be delivered in English.


  • Introduction and objectives
  • Predicting the challenges
  • First impressions in a culturally diverse team
  • Intercultural dimensions: Task, time and hierarchy…
  • Socialising across cultures and building trust
  • The meaning of team work and cultural orientation
  • Building the skills
  • Staying in touch